Knifing Paste

Safest Knifing Paste Filler

Availlable in pack sizes

Color Weight
White 1,2 ,5 and 35 kgs.

Coverage : Area coverage is about 5-7 sq. ft/ kg.

USP : Surface dents spoling the look of doors and furniture and wall, then SAFEST KNIFING PASTE FILLER can be used on most surface imperfection to give them a smooth finish.

Usage Area : Wood ,metal and wall.


Directions for Use:

Sand the surface with emery paper 180, wipe clean. Choose appropriate primer depending on the surface of application, and apply one coat. Allow to dry for 7-8 hours ,apply the 2nd coat. Allow to dry for 7-8 hours. Apply the SAFEST KNIFING PASTE FILLER with putty knife. Wherever necessary deep dents should be filled in thin layers. Allow it to dry for 6-8 hrs between coats. Its recommended that a coat of primer be applied again before application of finish coat.

Technical data

  • Diluent: Enamel Thinner.
  • Recommended Surfaces: Wood, Metal and Wall.
  • Method of Application: By putty knife.
  • Drying Time: Surface Dry -30 minutes, Hard Dry-8 hours.
  • Gloss level: Smooth Matt.
  • Fire Hazard Class: C .
  • Flash Point: More than 40 Degree C .
  • Pot Life: N.A. Lid to be kept airtight when not in use.
  • VOC: 30.5 gm/ltr.
  • Density: 1.70 +/-0.03.
  • Dilution Ratio:If required 50-100 ml of enamel thinner
  • No. of coats: 1-2.
  • Safety Data: Refer MSDS.
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