Safest Texture Finish Paint

Availlable in pack sizes

Color Weight
White 25 kgs. P.E inner lined Bags.

Coverage : Area coverage is about 2-4 sq.ft/kg/ coat.

USP : SAFEST TEXTURE FINSH PAINT made with special raw material which gives a strong rough finish to the wall. It is also an economic paint.

Usage Area : Exterior walls, Surfaces exposed to the elements where a high performance water proofing and decorative coating is desirable.

Directions for Use:

  • Clean: Plastard surfaces should be matured and properly dried and must be free from grease and oil and loose flaking materials must be removed by scraping or other abrasive methodes. Then sand surface with emery paper no.180 and wipe it to remove the dust.
  • Prime : Apply one coat of SAFEST EXTERIOR PRIMER by suitable thinning with potable water and allow it to dry for 4-6 hours.
  • Then apply one coat of SAFEST TEXTURE FINISH PAINT diluting with 200 ml of potable water per one kg of paint. Allow it to dry for 12 hours. No need of curing. Above this apply primer and then top coat.

Technical data

  • Diluent: Potable Water.
  • Recommended Surfaces: Sand/Cement plasters, Asbestos, Brick work, concrete block and fibreboard.
  • Method of Application: Putty Knife or Trowel.
  • Dillution ratio: 200 ml of potable water per kg of Texture.
  • Drying Time: Surface Dry -30 minutes, Hard Dry-6 hours. Recoating time – 12 hours.
  • Gloss level: Sandy finish
  • Fire Hazard Class: Non Flammable.
  • Flash Point: N.A(hence 100% water based).
  • Pot Life: Best used before 24 hours of diluted paint. Keep the bag airtight when not in use.
  • VOC: 5.0 gm/kg.
  • Density: 2.00 +/-0.02.
  • No. of coats: Single coat is enough.
  • Safety Data: Refer MSDS.
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